About Me

Folllow-Dion-SA-Tour-Oct-2012-Raw-035-198x300While my life revolves around my career as a professional racecar driver, I do have many hobbies away from the race track as well.

I have always been very interested in sports as a whole, growing up I played everything I could.  Before my racing days my afternoons were spent playing, Baseball, American Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Rugby.  While during the season I am not able to play other sports as much as I would like to, I still go out and try to play all of them as much as possible.

I find tennis is very similar to racing, especially on the mental side of competition, so I try to go out and play tennis as often as I can now.  I am still very big into the fitness lifestyle of being a professional athlete.  I want to try an motivate everyone to get up, get out, and get active and live their lives as actively as possible.

During the short off season which last only about the month of December in sportscar racing I enjoy going to a week long training camp at Formula Medicine.  Formula Medicine is located in Viareggio, Italy, where many of the worlds best drivers go through an intense week of mental and physical training.  They have some of the most advanced technology to measure the mental capabilities of drivers, and help them improve.  They also work hard on the physical abilities of all drivers to get them to become better athletes.  They have three different anaerobic tests, a VO2 max test, as well as many different functional exercises to improve an athletes strength, aerobic and anaerobic condition.

I also enjoy being out in nature, especially back in South Africa.  Every chance I get I try and get back there and see my family and spend time away from the technology world while being out in the wild taking all of it in.  I really enjoy being there and also learning about the country’s history as well as their culture.  I have many people I look up to in my life, but if I had one main “hero” that I look to in my life that person would be Nelson Mandela.  I really respect the hardships he had to go through in life and the attitude that he took to conquer these obstacles and change not only South Africa as a country, but the world as a whole as well.

Throughout the race weekends though I really enjoy seeing the enjoyment and enthusiasm kids have at the race track.  Seeing the kids from the Children’s Tumor Foundation is always one of the highlights from any race weekend.

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