Folllow-Dion-SA-Tour-Oct-2012-Raw-035-198x300While my life revolves around my career as a professional racecar driver, I do have many hobbies away from the race track as well.

I have always been very interested in sports as a whole, growing up I played everything I could.  Before my racing days my afternoons were spent playing, Baseball, American Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Rugby.  While during the season I am not able to play other sports as much as I would like to, I still go out and try to play all of them as much as possible.

I am also the co-founder of Racers360.  At Racers360 we are focused heavily on making elite coaches affordable and accessible to all.  By leveraging technology and allowing coaches to work remotely using a drivers video or data we can provide the highly effective level of personal pro coaching provides but at less than 1 tenth the cost.  Learn more about Racers360 here. 

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